James L.

As a certified athletic trainer in the NFL for over a decade with the St. Louis Rams our main focus was athlete safety, preventing injury and rehabbing these players so they can play at an “Elite” level. Unfortunately, in sports not all injuries can be avoided. That’s why working at Elite Orthopedics, LLC is so important to me. I am able to help our doctors treat their athletes/patients better by educating, challenging and inspiring them on a daily basis. As an athletic trainer you want to know that the athlete is getting the best care possible by using innovating technology that results in faster recovery times which gets them on the field quicker and safer. Using the products and surgical techniques provided by Arthrex you can rest assured patients are getting the best care possible. I am proud to be a part of the team at Elite.

James, Elite Ortho

Ryan B headshot.png

Ryan B.

What I love about Elite Orthopedics is the opportunity you are given to grow within your career – being part of something that truly invests in you and gives you every opportunity to better yourself. We are in an exciting landscape that produces new technology daily so there is always a good conversation to be had. Along with Elite, Arthrex is always striving to give you the opportunity to further your knowledge with training courses, online Med-Ed, and above all to “Help Surgeons Treat their Patients Better.” You are constantly creating new relationships from the people you grind it out with everyday, to the Operating Room staff and Hospital Administration you work with to giving the best care to their patients, but you also build lasting relationships with the Doctor’s you work with each and everyday. You really get the chance to make a difference and that is tough to beat.

Drew M.

As a former athlete at the University of Florida, I competed at the highest level playing football. I reached the ultimate goal of a National Championship.  Everyday, competition drives me to focus, to improve, and to reach goals. After playing a few years in the NFL, I needed a job that continued to create a competitive and goal oriented atmosphere. Elite Ortho has done that and more. Our owner and managers support, encourage, and push for greatness. I can't imagine a better place to work for my first "real job" after football. Elite Orthopedics, LLC provides the best opportunity to learn, grow, and compete in a team atmosphere.